The powerful, portable, OES metal analyzer

The powerful, portable, OES metal analyzer that’s as easy to use as an XRF handheld.


Inspecting the composition of incoming and outgoing metal components is an important task in metal producing, processing, and recycling, operations. Alloys must be accurately tested, identified, and verified based on defined chemical composition — an alloy mix-up can cause an expensive batch rework or worse — a lost contract.

Analytical stability, high accuracy and precision

The new self-adjusting optical system covers a wide range of elemental wavelengths, displaying excellent precision, stability, and robustness. In combination with iCAL 2.0 it provides an unprecedented degree of resilience to ambient temperature changes. If your metal analyses require repeatable high accuracy and precision despite wide swings in temperature check out these incredible SPECTROPORT stability test results.

Accurately analyze elements that handheld XRF can't

Some operations use handheld XRF analyzers to identify alloys but these instruments can’t determine precise levels of carbon content.

Employing SPECTRO's renowned OES technology, SPECTROPORT can analyze carbon and other elements critical to accurate metal analysis that handheld instruments find challenging. It's as fast as an XRF with many analyses taking only a few seconds. And with its advanced tools, data management is flexible and comprehensive. Data transport has also been made easy via WebApp and PC connections.

Designed to save time and money

For critical tasks, new SPECTROPORT delivers many of the advantages of SPECTRO’s mobile flagship SPECTROTEST analyzer in a smaller, lightweight, portable unit. It features effortless point-and-shoot performance — for fast, ready response; battery-powered flexibility; intuitive ease of use; and minimal standardization effort with the incomparable new iCAL2.0 calibration system.

New iCAL 2.0

The new SPECTRO exclusive iCAL 2.0 calibration logic system eliminates repeated calibrations and delays. Users perform a single-sample standardization (less than 5 minutes) at the start of the day's testing and that's it. iCAL diagnostics ensure stable performance throughout a typical day. And now iCAL 2.0 helps maintain the same standardization — regardless of most temperature shifts.

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