Analytical Stability Tests

Breakthrough stability despite wide swings in temperature

Recent testing demonstrates SPECTROPORT performance on different samples of stainless steel — rock-steady stability over 3 days and widely varying temperatures!

Left: SPECTROPORT measures ultra-low levels of carbon to identify a 316L sample.
Right: SPECTROPORT analyzes alloys to verify minimum levels of costly nickel.

Revolutionary stability saves valuable time

With SPECTROPORT’s incredible analytical stability, standardization may only be necessary once a day — or even once a week! Other portable analyzers may require time-consuming standardizations whenever they enter an environment with a different ambient temperature. By contrast, SPECTROPORT is the only portable OES analyzer that maintains analytical stability even with large temperature variations — up to ± 20° C (± 60° F). So it can move from office to warehouse to field, usually without added standardizations. Its design also ensures that, regardless of the number of metals to be tested, SPECTROPORT is ready to analyze in less than 5 minutes.

Learn more about SPECTROPORT’s analytical stability in the product bulletin.